I once heard a quote that said, ” if you are asking your self if you’re crazy, than you’re probably crazy.” If that’s true than my whole concept of life is out the window. From the time I was in 5th grade I used the word crazy, normally referring to my mother (who years in the future would be diagnosed schizophrenic and bi polar), but even though I didn’t have the grasp on modern day definition of the word, I thought I knew what I was saying.
So here I am at 22 and questioning all these things I thought were “crazy”. The abuse suffered from my mom that eventually was taken to court and my entire family was behind me about is the thing that I am questioning. Because if I was in fact right about the situation and the activities and my mother herself being psychotic than I must be right about the situation now, yet someone who once scoffed at this delusional lady they call me mother is now acting like it herself!
How can you be so hypocritical about something so prominent in our daily lives?
How can you not see that you are behaving like her? But you say I am!
So maybe I am the one crazy!
How will I ever know?
And the fact that I am asking and questioning, does that make me the crazy one?
I feel so sure of what I am seeing and that I have made the right choices regarding it all, but yet I’m so blown away by the fact that you can’t see it and that makes me wonder…
which one of us is blind?!

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